I believe my personal mission statement is: To exhort young Christians to abandon the stagnant, apathetic form of Christianity often found in North America today, to cast off fears of what man thinks of them, and realize the surpassing worth of knowing Christ, counting all else as loss.

As I make this, I’m in grade 11. I’m a Christian, go to a secular school and associate with atheists every day. If anyone can relate to that last sentence, this blog is for you. Living for Jesus, we can know we’re never alone – we have God Himself at our backs. But it is also crucial that we understand that there are many Christian students just like us out there who face the same struggles every day. You are blessed indeed if there are Christian students in your group of friends who are serious about glorifying Christ, but this is not always the case. We can feel alone.

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If you’re a Christian student, never stop praying for the ones who are going through the same as you. If you aren’t a student, we still need your prayers – you know how difficult walking faithfully in school can be. We need each others’ prayers constantly. So, let’s take our faith to the extreme, and love and serve radically.

God bless!