A quick thank you:

I was keenly made aware this morning of a great amount of supplication having been made for me the night before. So, to everyone that read my post last night and prayed for me: Thank you! Know that every word was heard by our Father in heaven, and He acted speedily.

I have been in quite the dry season lately, spanning perhaps the entire summer. I confess that my faith was becoming rather dry; sin was rearing its ugly head. But something was totally different about this morning – rain! (The spiritual kind, of course.)

Though it was a personal experience, I have to share it out of gratitude. I’m a lazy bum when it comes to getting out of bed, but somehow I was easily able to get up at 5 45. I soon had my worship music going, and I was singing with hands lifted high. The presence of God was unmistakable. The fact that so many people were thinking about me and sharing their heart last night is no coincidence. The lesson to take home?

Christians separated by thousands of miles are brought within touching distance by the Holy Spirit.

What a thing to rejoice in! We can all be encouraged to pray all the more earnestly to our Lord.

The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.