This morning, I felt I had to get something out of me by use of my poetry skills.

I dedicate this to the Canucks fans who read this blog… which is to say, no one.

[Side Note: Another post will be coming out later today. I will return to the usual subject.]

Shall I Compare Thee to the Canucks?

Shall I compare thee to the Canucks?

Those toothless men sporting whales.

Each and every player sucks,

with but a few wins, and many fails.


Through thirty years, they have known no cup.

Against the Sharks and Bruins do they lose,

yet manage to show the Oilers what’s up.

Oh no! Was Roberto taking a snooze?


Surely their only hope is Garrison’s beard;

under his wrath do the Flames tremble.

Yes, in Calgary his name is feared,

for a grizzly bear does he resemble.


I declare, if they can’t learn to handle pucks,

I will have to root for the Mighty Ducks,

and never again support those silly Canucks!